Indian Air Force be integrated into the IBGs

How can the Indian Air Force be integrated into the IBGs Success in today’s battles can be achieved by conducting joint operations, there is a need for dovetailing air force combat support for integrated battle groups (IBGs).

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Air forces by their nature are highly flexible and operate on the principle of centralised control with decentralised execution. Allocation of air effort to support IBG operations which require urgent and sustained reconnaissance, surveillance or close air support is thus feasible even for relatively smaller elements.

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The Army Corps HQ has an air force component integral to the same. As Corps HQ will be controlling IBGs, provision of air support will be speedy and effectively prioritised to ensure that the critical element gets priority.

Since one intermediary element is eliminated – that is the Divisional HQs, IBGs will have more intimate air support. With Forward Air Controllers (FAC) from the Air Force along with Ground Liaison Officers of the Army with the IBGs coordination can be carried out effectively.

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