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Insurgency Situation in North East India

North East India is the region situated in the eastern-most part of India comprising of the eight states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim.

▪ It is linked with Indian heartland through the 21 km. wide Siliguri Corridor, which is commonly known as the chicken neck, created by the Radcliffe line. The corridor is flanked by Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

▪ The Northeast borders on four countries, namely, China and Bhutan on its North; Myanmar on its East; and Bangladesh on its South and West.

▪ It has an area of 2.6 lakh sq. km. (7.6% of India’s land area) while its population is 39 million plus (3.6% of India’s population). It has 475 ethnic groups and 400 languages/ dialects are spoken here.

▪ It is populated with people who have very strong ethnicity.

▪ There is a strong sense of identity in each of these different communities, There have been several groups which have distinct identity in the region emphasizing their uniqueness.

▪ They want to retain this uniqueness in their political and social and orientations as well.

It is due to this there are so many divisive forces at play in this reason which gave rise to insurgency. North East India have been facing the problem of insurgency for more than 7decades, which we have discussed in this video with our guest speaker, Shri B.L. Vohra, IPS Retd., Ex. DG SSB, Ex. DGP (Manipur & Tripura) & Home Secretary, Tripura.

Insurgency Situation in North East India Discussion

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