Madagascar Flood and Operation Vanilla

Madagascar floods and Operation Vanilla

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  • Recently Madagascar, an island country in Indian Ocean, is facing serious flooding and landslides in its northern region. The government has declared a state of emergency in the nation.

  • The situation has arised because of heavy torrential rains due to tropical disturbances. Also, it is noteworthy that, Madagascar due to its location and size is among the countries most prone to the consequences of climate change, rising sea levels. An average of 3 cyclones hit the island state per year.

  • Madagascar is a country of 25 million people and is also among countries with high poverty rates. Such figures showcase the tensed conditions such countries might be in during such disasters.

  • According to the reports, 31 people are dead, many are missing, 10,000 homes have been destroyed by flooding and nearly 1,00,000 people have been affected.

  • Regions such as Alaotra Mangoro, Betsiboka, Analamanga, Borny, Sofia, Melaky has been worst affected by landslides and heavy floods. Some regions have even witnessed 11 inches of  rainfall.

  • The government of Madagascar has appealed for international aid and assistance.

  • Keeping up with the vision of SAGAR ( Security and growth for all in the region) initiative was launched by Prime Minister Modi to increase cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Hence, the Indian Navy launched the Operation Vanilla.

  • Operation Vanilla is launched to provide assistance to the people of Madagascar, under which INS Airavat, India’s amphibious assault ship has been sent along with medicines, food, clothing, communication assistance, diving assistance, etc.

  • The operation also showcases India’s strategic capabilities in the region and beyond.

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