Methanol Mixed Petrol

Methanol Mixed Petrol: A major boost for the Indian Economy to achieve the $5 Trillion dream

The Union government is working on a mega plan, if this effort of the government is being successful, then the petrol can become Rs 10 per liter cheaper in India. Not only this, your spending on petrol can be reduced by 10 percent. This step will save Rs 5000 crore in the government exchequer. This will prove to be a major step for the Indian economy to reach the target of $ 5 trillion.

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Actually, the government is preparing to bring Methanol blended fuel across the country. This step of the government can reduce pollution by up to 30 percent. The price of methanol is Rs 20 per liter. Indian Oil is already making methanol blended fuel, it has 15 percent methanol and 85 petrol.

According to a report, Member of the NITI Aayog VK Saraswat said that 65,000 km of trial run on M15 has been completed. NITI Aayog has said that by blending 15 percent methane in fuel, by 2030, it will save $ 100 billion.

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As a trial, cars were run with 15 percent methanol mixed petrol in Pune. According to reports, a trial run was done by adding petrol mixed with methanol in Maruti and Hyundai vehicles in Pune. The way government is working in this direction, it seems that soon petrol mixed with Methanol will be available at petrol pumps across the country.

Let us tell, at present, ethanol is added to petrol, but ethanol is very expensive compared to methanol, the price of ethanol is about Rs 40 per liter, while methanol comes in Rs 20 per liter. Methanol is made from coal. Ethanol is made from sugarcane.

As far as the supply of methanol is concerned, the government is considering various import options. Methanol can be imported from China, Mexico and the Middle East. Preparations are also underway for capacity expansion of companies like RCF (National Chemical and Fertilizer), GNFC (Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Corporation) and Assam Petrochemical in the country.

Significantly, in the coming days, methanol can be used as a cooking fuel in homes. Special preparation is being done by the government for this. This experiment has started in Assam.


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