Patriarchy Social Inequality | Essay | UPSC


Patriarchy Social Inequality: Patriarchy is the least noticed, yet the most significant structure of social inequality | Essay | UPSC| K. Siddhartha Sir

Meaning of Social Inequality Forms of Social Inequality

  •  Hierarchy
  • Community
  • Financial status
  • Caste
  • Religion
  • Work division
  • Discrimination on ideology

Meaning of Patriarchal inequality

Domination of male where a domination is not needed.

It can be in a visible form as well as invisible form, and mostly it is invisible

A short story

Presence of staunch patriarchy is although camouflaged, but well reflected in decision making, in non adherence and disrespect to views, as well as making and adhering to opinions,

Its present in areas like

  1. Family and Culture
  2. Economics of house running and its non acceptance
  3. Legal frame and profession in showing diminutive frame for women
  4. Politically proxy representation as in elections etc
  5. Working environment-manifested in trivialisation of work

Indian context

How women position have improved, but still lack in different dimensions



Why does this happen?

Impact of Patriarchal form


Thwarting of talent and aspirations

Unproductive economy and country

Discordful unbalance

Semblance of intuitive conclusions and learning lost

Is Patriarchal form a problem?

Of course


Lies in giving women their due for our own sake or asking women to take it back for the sake of maintaining sanity, and purity.

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