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Polar Vortex

In this video we’ll learn what is polar vortex, I’ll explain how it is formed and when it is dangerous. You must remember its Characteristics, Location of Arctic Polar Vortex, Mechanism of formation, its impact.

Polar vortex is occurs in the upper level of the Troposphere and extends up to Stratosphere. It is a low pressure cold wind that affects the regions Canada, the north eastern side of United States, Europe, and Russia during spring and summer season.

What causes a polar vortex?

How polar vortex is formed Upsc?

What is a polar vortex and what causes it?

How does a polar vortex start?

Is polar vortex caused by global warming?

Can a polar vortex hit India? Why polar vortex is strong in winter?

When was the last polar vortex? How often does the polar vortex happen? How cold is a polar vortex?

Where is the polar vortex? Does a polar vortex bring snow?

The formation of the polar vortex is primarily influenced by the movement of wind and transfer of heat in the polar region. In the autumn, the circumpolar winds increase in speed, causing the polar vortex to spin up further into the stratosphere and the values of potential vorticity to heighten, forming a coherent air mass: the polar vortex. As the winter comes, the winds around the poles decrease, and the air in the vortex core cools. The movement of the air becomes slow, and the vortex stops growing. Once late winter and early spring approach, heat and wind circulation return, causing the vortex to shrink. During the final warming, or the late winter, large fragments of the vortex air are drawn out into narrow pieces into lower latitudes. In the bottom level of the stratosphere, strong potential vorticity gradients remain, and the majority of air molecules remain confined into December in the Southern Hemisphere and April in the Northern Hemisphere, well after the breakup of the vortex in the mid-stratosphere.

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