Prelim Test Series 2021 | UPSC Civil Services

Prelim Test Series 2021 for UPSC Civil Services : Prelim test series provide practice & revision of what we study. This is an opportunity whereby aspirants commit & rectify their mistakes in test series, rather than committing mistakes in the final exam. It also enhances your knowledge which may help in any other exam.

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We are providing a Test Series based on UPSC type questions to build your temperament and skill for the final exam day & to make you adapt with the pattern of Prelims Exam.


UPSC type Question Paper
Answers of question paper with their explanation.
Answer discussion lectures in video
Performance points for prelims strategy to perform in Prelims Exam.
The pattern of tests will be:

10 Tests
6 Sectional
4 Full length

Prelim Test Series 2021

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