Right to Breathe


Right to Breathe discussion with K Siddhartha Sir India Ahed Channel

Right to Breathe The Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority deduced that from November 1 to 10 pollution level are likely to rise to severe category. This is due to western disturbances which may hit the Himalayan region on October 31 bringing in high moisture coupled with falling temperatures, which will make the condition worse. Upper winds have already turned north-westerly from Punjab and Haryana but due to high speed of the upper wind (better dispersion of pollution) and less fire count, the effect of stubble burning on air pollution will not be severe. The forecast reports lower biomass contribution to the air pollution in Delhi-NCR air-shed.

However, even with less farm fires, the Delhi air quality, due to its own sources, has remained in very poor category, occasionally severe. The only meteorological factor which can help in reducing the pollution levels is the surface wind.

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