Rising Crime against Women in Political and Personal sphere in Contemporary India

Rising crime against women in political and personal sphere in Contemporary India

It is heart-wrenching to note that India, despite her conquest to lead the world, falls far behind in providing her women safety, dignity, and equal opportunities. India has seen crimes against women since a long period of time, but what is shocking is that still in the 21st century, little has changed. The ideology behind these crimes are still the same. 

Where does the crime come from?

It has been nurtured in Indian heads since childhood by a belief that- women are inferior.   They are weak – physically and emotionally.  A sense of compromise and sacrifice is implanted among Indian women from the very beginning. Therefore, whether it is politics or agriculture, IT companies or households, women face violence, nearly everywhere. 

 In the political sphere, crimes such as- rape, manipulation, abuse often go unreported due to the money and muscle power of the accused.  Police administration may even ignore or try to shut the mouth of the victims, threaten her family and aid. This is a serious cause of concern because these institutions must protect people. Women politicians often face a lot of online abuse. This has been seen by a study conducted in South-Asia. Also, women in politics have very less representation.  Men make up to 86% of the house representatives. Politics at all levels- panchayats to Lok Sabha – are dominated by men.  Reservations provided to women are inadequate to bring equality in numbers. Also, at local levels, even if through the reservation, women candidates show up – their male counterparts act as real barriers and women do not have much say. 

It is unfortunate that almost every woman in India has faced some kind of harassment or discomfort around men in her lifetime. Domestic violence, honor killings, female infanticide, genital mutilation, psychological abuse, rape, harassment at workplace, eve-teasing, human trafficking, acid- throwing, forced prostitution, denial of education and nutrition, online abuse, breach of privacy, etc. are few ways which women everywhere face.  65% of Indian men admit that women must tolerate violence and deserve to be beaten. 70% of the women are victims of domestic abuse (Rising Crime against Women).  Women in India often have the martyr belief that they must compromise and that men won’t change. Women because of dependence on their male counterparts often tolerate such crimes and don’t report them. In other cases, women are  not aware or do not have the courage to come out and speak. Specifically, in patriarchal societies, women completely believe that they are indeed inferior and must obey men. Women must have more decision-making powers in households as well as public institutions.  In rural societies, women are subjected to tough societal norms. They are killed in the name of honor – due to intercaste marriage or becoming a victim of rape. 

It is seen that with women representatives, crimes against women are reported more. Therefore, Women’s representation must be increased in police, politics, administration.

Suggestions for Solutions

The stereotypical roles assigned to different genders must be challenged and changed. Education is one such weapon of change. Awareness programs must be organized to educate society about these issues.   Girls must be educated and promoted to become independent and stand against all wrongs.  Boys must be educated to treat women respectfully, understand what is ‘consent’, they must become agents of change.  Also, women must support women. Therefore, [ Transformation of attitude towards how one sees women is important.  This transformation cannot be achieved in one day by a single person’s effort. But, it requires years of practice and collective efforts from all sections. Without a shift in attitude, strict laws won’t help.  

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