Ships do not sink because of the water around them | Essay | UPSC | IAS | K. Siddhartha Sir

Ships do not sink because of the water around them. Ships sink because of the water that gets into them

Symbolic meaning,

There are other forms, other statements

  • A chain is as weak as its weakest link
  • A matchstick can destroy the entire forest
  • Getting water is equivalent to
  • A termite can destroy an entire house.
  • A highly motivated workforce can transform the entire deptt, that is akin to water but a Mole in the same department can destroy the entire office (water entering a ship), reveal all its secrets and allow to collapse
  • IAS officers run the country acting like water but they are the one eating into the functioning of the country’s system, and destroying the country too in a systematic manner.
  • It’s the attitude of a person that can transform the entire behavioural setting and himself, and the attitude of the same person in the form of either ego, or pulling others down can destroyed himself along with its related facets.
  • English as a language is good learning since its global, but its the same Englishism introduction with its nefarious design for India caused, cultural mixing and destroyed the very ethos of imagination, learning and language and dented the psyche of Indians.
  • It was western education that would have added a new form of learning in India, but it was the same Macaluay’s Education system that taught everything wrong from history to culture to mannerism to thinking to what not to make Indians slaves of English, the same people who looted and plundered the country ruthlessly as well, as with finesse
  • Social media acts as leveller and the most important source of information plus the democratisation of knowledge, but, it is the same social media and its likes such as Facebook communities that intoxicates the person’s mind and has been cause of breaking even countries.

India is a prime example how water entered its ship. How the richest country the world has ever known, how its own people guided by ulterior motives weakened the country and have been doing it so for long years This is how a big country, a big establishment a big ship, a big organisation, a big institution gets destroyed.

  • A country can be sunk
  • A whole team can be destroyed
  • Of course, its iron and its Rusting that eats it

Why does this happen?

Universal law.

  • Its easy to tarnish anyone’s image
  • Its easy to destroy
  • Its easy to break a glass
  • Its easy to spoil anything-health etc

Any system has tendency to go towards Entropy, and that is what is speeded up. Is it a Universal Law.

But it has always been prevented and it is always preventable depending on the cultural state of the country and the bonding between the people.

That is how the societies country’s remain stable and remain afloat.