Southwest Asia | Geography Through Maps | K. Siddhartha

Southwest Asia | Geography Through Maps| K. Siddhartha

#Southwest_Asia comprises all those #countries lying in the #western_part_of_Asia. They are also called by the name of #Middle-East_countries. This video chapter brings forth all the reasons for it being #geopolitically_important, Strategically_important, and #economically_significant.
Any one having to know of the crux of the problem, must know the locations of countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Mediterranean sea region, #Levant_countries, #Red_Sea_region and the whole of Arabian Peninsula, their personality and the reason behind their being in perennial conflict as well as the regions of conflict.

Southwest Asia This video chapter prepared under the eyes of India’s best-known geographer #K_Siddhartha and executed by the #Academic_Head_of_Ensemble is exceptional in quality, content and presentation and is very important for all the aspirants preparing for all #competitive_exams_particularly #UPSC_and_State_PCS.

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