TIBET- Past, Present, Future & Everything about it | Episode 2 | Shri. Vijay Kranti | CSTV

China occupied Tibet in 1951. This changed India’s Indo-Tibet border to the ‘Indo-China’ border overnight. Since then India is facing Chinese music in all it avtars. While Indo-Tibetan border has lost its nature of being the most peaceful and least guarded border of the world to the most tense one, China has used its presence in Tibet to create all imaginable problems for India – be it claims and aggression on India’s territory or using Tibet to shelter and promote terrorism and separatism in India. China’s latest action in Galwan Valley and adjoining parts of Ladakh has put Tibet once again into focus as the root cause of problems of India with China.
In this episode we will discuss the following questions with Shri. Vijay Kranti who is a senior journalist, a keen Tibet and China watcher for over four decades, an author, traveller, photographer, media educationist, and former staffer of BBC World, Deutsche Welle (German) and Radio Voice of America and Shri. K Siddhartha who is an Earth Scientist, an environmentalist, a Strategic thinker, a mentor and a Perception and management consultant-

-How China change the status quo of Tibet?
-What Chinese have been doing all these years?

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