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Wild plants may be transferred from forests or other ecosystems to trailsides or near human habitations as well as into fields so that they are

readily available and easily collected.

Environmental factors affecting plant growth | OSU Extension ...

Growth is accelerated with the increase in temperature. Land affects the growth of natural vegetation as different kinds of vegetation grow on mountains, plateaus, plains, and deserts. Precipitation affects the growth of natural vegetation.

UPSC Mains: Every year there are certain difficult questions in the UPSC Mains geography optional paper. In this series we will explain to you how to tackle these questions of unknown origin in the mains and get maximum marks. The video will describe:

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  1. How to start your answer and its introduction.
  2. How to give geographical angle and sense to your answers.
  3. Usage of relevant diagrams and maps.
  4. Well-structured answer covering different dimensions.

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