Ural Mountains form a narrow, linear, north-south trending range. The Ural Mountains, or simply the Urals, runs north-south mostly through Russia, from the coast of the Arctic Ocean to the river Ural and northwestern Kazakhstan. The highest peak is Narodnaya, called by the name of Gora Nardho Naya at 1895 m.

The Urals date to Hercynian orogeny (about 250 million years ago)

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The linear nature of the Ural Mountains has been used as a dividing line between the continents of Europe and Russia and forms part of the conventional boundary between the continents of Europe and Asia


The Urals are among the world’s oldest relict mountain ranges, but for its age of 250 to 300 million years, the elevation of the mountains is unusually high. Despite not being high, it looks high because it bounds the East European plain on the east.

The Urals are extremely rich in mineral resources.

The mountains are a reservoir of magnetite, vanadium, and titanium as copper nickel and also large deposits of bauxite, chromite, gold, and platinum.


Among its contemporaries the Urals are an exception. Find out this exceptional feature from below.

(a) They are unusually high.

(b) They are made of exposed core of metamorphic rocks.

(c) They are rich is shale and clay and hence petroleum deposits.

(d) They are remarkably symmetrical.

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