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Mistrust is not a reflection of strength; it is a reflection of weakness. Actually, its weakness that breeds fear and fear breeds’ mistrust. Comment on that statement.

“it’s weakness that breeds fear, and fear breeds mistrust”

Human progress is either by individual excellence, or by building social capital. Individual human excellence is generally achieved by uncluttered mind, a mind unpolluted by unnecessary thoughts, productive thoughts, not by unprogressive or regressive thoughts. Greater the number of these types of thoughts, the more regressive is the thinking, and greater is space of mind is occupied by such thinking. In such case the person is not able to make any investment of thinking, rather he or she keeps of taking guards to save himself/herself make them safe, secure.

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The greater the number of guards the person takes, the more distanced the person makes himself from fellow people. Under such a circumstance, the other person takes a guard too. Thus, it inhibits social capital, flow of transparent communication, hinders exchange of ideas, and the person ultimately becomes isolated intellectually and socially. In such a situation, the person is compelled to follow a path sans association or synergy. It is also likely to break associations, and becomes a very average generalist. His specialisation gets lost, his ability to utilize his talent also gets lost and becomes a weak jack of all and master of none.

In any pursuit of excellence, risks are involved, innovation is involved, association and synergy are involved, with a lot of fresh thinking. Moving ahead means some mistakes will occur, then the mistakes are to be managed, through a flexible approach all this requires courage, stooping to learn, shedding ego but always maintaining self esteem.

A weak mind never thinks of stooping to learn, a weak mind never thinks of association, a weak mind never thinks of innovation, as these minds are very insecure. They only go as far as moving on established beaten tracks because of the fear of losing themselves, losing their “so called” identity. Such a fear of preventing association building, preventing synergy to form social capital, isolates the person intellectually, prevents the flow of fresh ideas, and makes it very inimical of any progressive farsighted growth. The person then withdraws into his/her own cocoon and sees everything threatening him, everything better than him/her everything with doubts….

Doubts can never be the basis of any relationship, can never be the basis of innovation, never be the basis of any progress. Doubt persisting for long time degenerates into suspicion. Suspicion is a sign of very weak mind as it presupposes that something is wrong somewhere and it becomes truly reflective of fearful thinking. True purusharth is moving ahead, making mistakes, learning from mistakes, improving that mistake, and thus innovating, forging greater understanding and bonding.


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