What will make America great again | Ambassador Yogesh Gupta | CSTV

America has virtually ruled the world since world war 2.
Although this monopoly is short compared with 800 years of absolute monopoly that India exercised from 400 BC to 1200 BC, still being in that generation USAs domination meant a lot for us in the present era.
China’s emergence briefly thwarted US domination, but it remains to be seen whether China will be an equal soft power and hard power like that of US.
How US will unsure it’s domination post Covid remains to be seen.
To discuss this issue, on unipolar world and related aspects, we have two eminent people-

Ambassador Yogesh Gupta. He has been India’s Ambassador to Denmark and Secretary in Ministry of External Affairs. He has held senior positions in India’s Missions in Pakistan, USA, Italy and other countries. He is now researching and writing on USA, China and related issues in national dailies and appears on TV programs on these subjects in India.

K. Siddhartha, an earth scientist, mentor of 1553 IAS, and author of 43 books on Space, International relations, history, Environment, Geology, Economy and Heritage is a rare breed of polymaths that has made him a strategic thinker and advisor which he is now.