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Morbi Case the precise manner of the Morbi bridge collapse is not yet clear; knowing this could reveal what exactly caused the fall. The manner in which the entire bridge collapsed in a single instant.

What is usually expected in incidents like these is that one or two suspension cables give way, and the bridge breaks and hangs before the rest of the structure collapses. It is a slower process.

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But the sudden collapse, suggest that most or all the suspension cables were weak or corroded. This is possible considering that this was a very old bridge. But we are also being told that it was recently repaired.

In Morbi, the vertical cables seem to have snapped entirely from the deck at one end of the bridge, sending part of the unsuspended deck and those on it plunging into the river.

It could have been due to straightforward structural damage, like material fracture or a failure of a joint, that led to a cascading sequence of failures.


Suspension bridges like Morbi are also susceptible to other forms of failure not common to other bridge designs, like resonance and aeroelastic flutter.

Not all bridges collapse due to single reason. Different types of bridges collapse because of different reasons. Bridges are valuable to communication and different types of bridges are made for connectivity. Why at all is it that the different types of bridges are made and with different materials too.

On 30 October 2022, Morbi bridge, a pedestrian suspension bridge over the Machchhu River in the city of Morbi, Gujarat, India, collapsed, leading to the deaths of at least 141 people and the injuries of at least 100 other.

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