Daily Current Affairs Date 11th June 2021

Daily Current Affairs Date 11th June 2021


  • Confederation of Hospitality, Technology and Tourism Industry (CHATT)
  • What is ‘Miraculous’ mosquito hack?
  • S. passes bill to address China Tech Threat
  • India – Thailand CORPAT Exercise begins
  • El Salvador: First country to formally adopt bitcoin as legal tender
  • Mahesh Kumar Jain gets two-year extension as RBI Deputy Governor

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Q-Consider the following statement related to to Configuration of hospitality Technology and Tourism Industry (CHATT)?

1) It will promote domestic tourism and help in digital transformation of domestic tourism.

2)  It is created by Mo Tourism

3) It provides for participation in real round programs access to travel tech ecosystem signature business events , Inclusion of  experts.

Which of the following statement is or are correct?

a) 1 & 2

b) 1 & 3

c) All of the above

d) None of the above

Confederation of Hospitality, Technology and Tourism Industry (CHATT)

●        Airbnb, Ease My Trip, OYO and Yatra have established a new industry association called “Confederation of Hospitality, Technology & Tourism Industry (CHATT)”.

●        CHATT will help small companies and travel & hospitality technology players.

CHATT association

  • It will promote domestic tourism and help in digital transformation of domestic tourism.
  • It will act as a thought leader to run training programmes.
  • Every member will have the access to CHATT resources and benefits.
  • It provides for participation in year-round programmes, access to travel-tech ecosystem, signature business events, inclusion of experts & regional leads among others.

Members of association

CHATT association comprises of members like-

  • Amanpreet Bajaj who is General Manager of Airbnb – India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Nishant Pitti who is Co- Founder & CEO of EaseMyTrip.com;
  • Rohit Kapoor who is CEO of OYO India & Southeast Asia and
  • Dhruv Shringi who is Co-Founder and CEO of Yatra.com.

Airbnb Inc.

  • It is an American company which operates an online marketplace for lodging, homestays for vacation rentals and tourism activities.
  • It is based in San Francisco, California.
  • Platform can be accessed via website and mobile app.
  • Company does not own any of listed properties and earn profits by receiving commission from each booking.
  • It was founded in 2008 by Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk.



Q-What is Miraculous mosquito hack ?

a) It is a type of spyware developed by Israeli armed forces.

b) It is the malware which attacked on the US air force and hack the important information.

c) It is a technique which is using in reducing the spread of dengue.

d) It is a type of Bitcoin.

What is ‘Miraculous’ mosquito hack?

  • Recently, in Yogyakarta city of Indonesia, dengue fever cases have been cut by 77% through a trial that manipulates the mosquitoes spreading dengue

About the trial

  • Scientists used mosquitoes infected with “miraculous bacteria” and released across the cities. These bacteria reduce insect’s ability to spread dengue.
  • Trial used mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria.
  • Wolbachia doesn’t harm mosquito, but it goes in same parts of its body where dengue virus needs to get into.
  • The bacteria compete for resources and make it much harder for dengue virus to replicate, so the mosquito is less likely to cause an infection when it bites again.
  • According to team of World Mosquito Programme, this method can be a solution to virus that has spread worldwide.
  • The technique is successful and mosquitoes have been released across whole city. This project is targeting to cover more areas with the aim of eradicating dengue.

About Dengue

  • Dengue is also known as “break-bone fever” as it causes severe pain in muscles and bones.
  • It is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by dengue virus (DENV).
  • Its symptoms usually start three to fourteen days after infection.
  • Common symptoms include high fever, vomiting, headache, muscle pains and joint pains besides a characteristic skin rash.
  • In 1970, only nine countries had faced dengue outbreaks. Now, mosquito causes 400 million infections in a year.


Q- Recently U.S. passes bill to China Tech threat are its key provision?

1) It’s prohibited social media app tiktok from being downloaded in government devices

2) Black purchase of drones manufactures and sold by companies made by Chinese Government.

3)  Provide of review of export central on items which could be support human rights abuses.

Which of the following statement is or are correct?

a) 1&2

b) 2&3

c) 3only

d) All of the above

U.S. passes bill to address China Tech Threat

●        The U.S. Senate voted 68-32 to approve a “sweeping package of legislation” in a bid to boost USA’s ability to compete with Chinese technology.

●        China, while responding to vote, objected to being cast as an imaginary U.S. enemy.

  • This measure approved about $190 billion for provisions of strengthening technology and research in United States.
  • $54 billion was approved to increase US production & research into semiconductors & telecommunications equipment.
  • $2 billion were dedicated to chips used by automakers.

How China responded?

Chinese parliament while expressing “strong indignation and resolute opposition” to legislation describe the bill as “paranoid delusion of wanting to be the only winner”. China said, bill has distorted original spirit of innovation and competition.

Provisions of the bill

  • Bill comprises of a number of China-related provisions.
  • Prohibits social media app TikTok from being downloaded on government devices.
  • Block purchase of drones manufactured and sold by companies backed by Chinese government.
  • Allows diplomats & Taiwanese military to display their flag and wear their uniforms while in United States on official businesses.
  • Creates broad new sanctions on Chinese entities engaged in U.S. cyberattacks or theft of U.S. intellectual property from U.S. firms.
  • Provides for review of export controls on items which could be support human rights abuses.


Q-What is the name of India’s Thailand naval exercise?

a) Samudra Shakti

b) Mitra Shakti




India – Thailand CORPAT Exercise begins

  • India and Thailand started 31st edition of Coordinated Patrols or CORPAT, with the aim of reinforcing maritime links between two countries and to keep Indian Ocean safe and secure for international trade.

CORPAT Exercise

This is the first biannual exercise in which Saryu, an indigenously built Naval Offshore Patrol Vessel called Saryu from Indian Navy and His Majesty’s Thailand Ship (HTMS) Krabi along with Dornier Maritime Patrol Aircraft from both navies are participating.

Significance of CORPAT

  • CORPAT biannual exercise builds up understanding and interoperability between both the navies.
  • It facilitates institution of measures to prevent & suppress unlawful activities such as Illegal Unreported Unregulated (IUU) fishing, maritime terrorism, drug trafficking, armed robbery and piracy.
  • It also helps in enhancing operational synergy by exchanging information to prevent smuggling, illegal immigration and to conduct SAR operations at sea.

SAGAR Vision

Under SAGAR (Security and Growth for All in the Region) vision the Indian Navy has been proactively engaging through bilateral & multilateral exercises, joint exclusive economic zone surveillance & humanitarian assistance & disaster relief (HADR) operations and economic zone surveillance with countries in Indian Ocean Region to enhance regional maritime security.

India Thailand relation

Both the countries share friendly ties as both are members of Bay of Bengal grouping of seven countries which brings South Asian, Thailand and Myanmar from South East Asia under single platform.


Q- Consider the following statement related to Bitcoin?

1) It works on blockchain technology

2) The supply of Bitcoin is regulated by software and the agreement of the system.

3) Bitcoin intended to come across as a global decentralized currency any Central authority regulating it would effectively defect the purpose

Which of the following statement is or are correct?

a) 1&2

b) 2&3

c) 1&3

d) All of the above

El Salvador: First country to formally adopt bitcoin as legal tender

  • El Salvador has become the first country to formally adopt bitcoin as legal tender.
  • Proposal to legalise cryptocurrency was put forward by President Nayib Bukele which was later approved by Congress.
  • Even though there were concern regarding potential impact of legalising cryptocurrency on El Salvador’s program of $1 billion with International Monetary Fund, proposal was passed with majority of 62 out of 84 possible votes.
  • Bitcoin was approved considering its potential to help Salvadorans living abroad to send remittances back home.
  • S. dollar will also continue as legal tender in country.
  • It will bring financial inclusion, investment, innovation, tourism and economic development in El Salvador.

Bitcoin Remittances in El Salvador

  • According to World Bank data, remittances from bitcoin to the country accounts for $6 billion in 2019.
  • It is around a fifth of GDP & a highest ratio across the world.


  • A digital asset which works as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in the form of a computerized database.
  • A strong cryptography is used to secure transaction records, to control creation of additional coins and to verify transfer of ownership of coin.
  • It does not exist in physical form and not issued by central authority.
  • It is however considered as centralized, when it is minted or issued by a single issuer.
  • Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency which was released in 2009.


  • It is decentralized digital currency which lacks central bank or single administrator.
  • It is sent from user to user on peer-to-peer bitcoin network.
  • It does not need any intermediaries.


Q- Consider the following statement related to RBI deputy governors.

1) RBI has governor and not more than 4 deputy governors as work as official director.

2) Their tenure fixed for 5 years.

3) They appointed by president of India

Which of the following statement is or are correct?

a) 1&2

b) 1only

c) 1&3 only

d) All of the above


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Mahesh Kumar Jain gets two-year extension as RBI Deputy Governor

  • The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved the re-appointment of Mahesh Kumar Jain as the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)for two more years with effect from June 22, 2021.
  • The three-year term of MK Jain as RBI Deputy Governor was to end on June 21, 2021.
  • Currently, Michael Patra, M Rajeshwar Rao and Rabi Sankar are the other three serving RBI Deputy Governors.
  • Jain was appointed as deputy governor of the RBI for three years in June 2018. He had joined the Reserve Bank in place of SS Mundra.
  • Before joining the central bank, Jain was managing director of IDBI Bank.
  • He also served as MD and CEO of Indian Bank from November 2015 to March 2017.
  • In a statement, the central bank said, “The Central Government has re-appointed Shri Mahesh Kumar Jain as Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India for a period of two years with effect from June 22, 2021, or until further orders, whichever is earlier, upon completion of his existing term on June 21, 2021.”