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An American’s carbon footprint is more than 3 times that of an Indian

Differences in the rates of development have meant that some countries have reached emissions levels that are disproportionately high for their populations. United States, for instance, was the top emitter of CO2 for years despite its small population, compared to China and India. The global picture isn’t too different today — the United States’ share in global emissions far outstrips its share in global population, though countries like China and oil-producing economies are now among the biggest emissions contributors. A look at the countries placing the heaviest emissions burden on the environment.

The map shows the relation between each nation’s share in total global CO2 emission and that nation’s share in total globalisation

Carbon Footprint

For Example :

  1. The US’ share in global emissions is three times greater than its  share in global population, making it one of the largest per capita emitters of CO2.
  2. In contrast, India’s share in emissions is significantly lower than its sharein population.
  3. Saudi Arabia has the highest ratio of emissions to population share, due to its oil industry. It’s the same story in most oil producing nations in Middle East and Central Asia.