Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project

gerd-projectWhat Happened: Ethiopia has reportedly agreed to attend U.S.-hosted discussions with Egypt in Washington on Nov. 6 over the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project, the Anadolu news agency reported Oct. 31. Nevertheless, Addis Ababa has maintained its stance that meditation among Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan over the dam project is unnecessary and that Washington will only provide a forum for dialogue.

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Why It Matters: Egypt has long sought to involve the United States as a mediator in the ongoing dispute over GERD. Although Washington could provide mediation among the parties in some form, Ethiopia has stated that the dispute over the dam project is only a trilateral issue involving Egypt and Sudan.

Background: The GERD project is highly controversial due to its skyrocketing cost and Egyptian fears that the dam could restrict water flows in the Blue Nile River and, accordingly, deprive Egypt of much-needed water.

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Source: Worldview | Stratfor