India-Vietnam Relations - GS Paper 2 - International Relations

India-Vietnam Relations – GS Paper 2 – International Relations

India-Vietnam Relations

Vietnam received the locally constructed in-service missile corvette INS Kirpan from India as a gift to improve its naval prowess. Both countries recognised ways to strengthen current areas of cooperation, particularly in maritime security, defence industrial cooperation, and multinational cooperation.

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About INS Kirpan

INS Kirpan

A missile corvette of the Khukri class with a displacement of 1,350 tonnes, 

INS Kirpan was commissioned into the Navy on January 12, 1991. 

It is about 1,400 tonnes in displacement, 91 metres long, 11 metres wide, and has a top speed of more than 25 knots. 

The ship can carry out a variety of tasks, including coastal and offshore patrol, coastal security, surface warfare, anti-piracy, and 

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations using medium range gun, 30 mm close range guns, chaff launchers, and surface to surface missiles


In June 2022, Both Defence ministers signed the “Joint Vision Statement on India-Vietnam defence partnership towards 2030” for expanding the reach and magnitude of current defence cooperation. 


Other Inititative taken by India

A $100 million Line of Credit (LoC) that was extended in September 2014 allowed Hanoi to purchase 12 high-speed patrol boats for the Vietnamese border guard force. 


India issued a second $500 million defence LoC in 2016, and discussions are currently taking place to choose the equipment.


As part of its capacity-building efforts for the Vietnamese armed forces, India has recently announced the donation of two simulators and a financial contribution for the establishment of a Language and IT Lab at the Air Force Officers Training School.


Since 2016, India and Vietnam have shared a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, which places a strong emphasis on defence cooperation. In India’s “Act East” policy and the Indo-Pacific vision, Vietnam is a key partner.

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