Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka (GS 2- International Relations)

Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka (GS 2- International Relations)

Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka 

One of the 4.2% of Indian Tamils in Sri Lanka is Muthiah Muralitharan, born in Kandy, to a Tamil (Malaiyaha Tamizhar) Hindu Hill Country tea plantation family.

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Throughout a 100-year period, from roughly 1830 to 1930, a sizable group of agricultural labourers began migrating to the island from the destitute and drought-stricken southern Madras districts. This group included the Sinnasamy family.

Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka (GS 2- International Relations)

Several Indian Tamils were relocated to India as a result of the Sirimavo-Shastri Agreement of 1964 and the Sirimavo-Indira Gandhi Accord of 1974.


Changes are needed


  1. Begin to be recognised as distinct, equal Sri Lankans who have vast, exceptional professional competence and who significantly, even vitally, contribute to the economic health of their nation.
  2. Having the threat of unfavourable and unpredictable weather conditions—which they are currently experiencing—protected from their land-based employment.
  3. Must prepare their workplaces, work cycles, and work styles for the potential occurrence of COVID-19 variants and other pandemics.
  4. Tea sector should be taken care despite any polity related adversities arises like recent ban on chemical fertilizer which hit the tea estates a lot.
  5. Recognize the prospects for global growth as well as the challenges that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is presenting to society. The possibilities include helping with weather forecasting, utilising drones to help with planting, weeding, and insect control activities that are nearly flawless or error-free, and employing algorithms to change the way the plantation industry operates in the future.

Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka (GS 2- International Relations)

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