Meta Launched Threads - GS Paper 3 - Science and Technology

Meta Launched Threads – GS Paper 3 – Science and Technology

Meta Launched Threads 

The team behind Instagram created the text-based public conversation app Threads, which was released by Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp parent company Meta on July 5.




An individual’s Instagram account has Threads. Users of Threads must register through Instagram and can transfer their original usernames and Instagram accounts they were following. The two platforms sync a variety of settings, including blocking, restricting users, and hiding language. 


But, a person can only remove their account if they decide they don’t like Threads. Threads’ Instagram account would also be deleted if they were to delete Threads. Users get suggested content in addition to content from the profiles they follow on Instagram and Threads.


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Threads with reference to Twitter


With regard to its user interface and fundamental features, Threads is comparable to Twitter. Users can publish messages and reply to others’ comments in threads. On Instagram, Twitter, and other sites, users can also heart, repost, and share posts. Posts in threads may contain up to 500 characters and up to five-minute long videos, as well as links, images, and other media.


Both Mastodon and Bluesky strive to be decentralised platforms. The AT Protocol, on which Bluesky is based, is intended to be used by developers to construct their own applications so that users can switch between social media networks without losing their data. 


In contrast, Mastodon provides users with servers that they must join in order to connect with one another. These servers may be based on a particular region or on subjects like technology, gaming, LGBTQ+ issues, music, and more. The restrictions and entry requirements for Mastodon servers vary. Users can run their own servers or switch between others.


In order for the platforms to communicate with one another in the future, Meta’s Threads intends to employ the ActivityPub protocol that Mastodon uses.


Meta is possibly the finest competitor to take on an increasingly unpredictable Twitter, with a userbase in the billions. But at a time when more internet users demand usability, openness, and responsibility from their social media firms, Threads offers experimental features, dark patterns, and algorithmic feeds.



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