Turtles role in cleaning Ganga - GS Paper-3 - Environment

Turtles role in cleaning Ganga – GS Paper-3 – Environment

Turtles role in cleaning Ganga 


Turtles role in cleaning Ganga Under the collaborative auspices of the Namami Gange Project, the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), the Forest and Wildlife Department, and turtles that were hatched at one of India’s first turtle breeding and rehabilitation facilities, located in Varanasi, will enhance the cleanliness of the Ganga. The disposal of partially burned dead bodies, rotten meat, and floral garlands into the river pollutes it.

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Almost 40,000 turtles have been released from the Ganga Action Plan (GAP) release centre, which was established in the late 1980s. Over 28,000 turtles were released during the GAP’s initial phase. 

Turtles role in cleaning Ganga - GS Paper-3 - Environment1

Turtles role in cleaning Ganga

As the Central Government’s flagship effort, the Namami Gange Programme, was introduced in 2014 with the dual goals of reducing pollution and preserving and revitalising the river, the centre attracted new interest.


Turtles undoubtedly play a part in the Ganga’s enhanced water quality because they consume waste goods and meat dumped into the river. River water quality examinations revealed improvements in biochemical demand (BOD), faecal coliform (FC), and dissolved oxygen (DO).

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