Right to Life

Right to Life – GS Paper -2 (Polity)

The two brothers from the Scheduled Caste community have asked the High Court to order the CBSE to amend their father’s last name on their Class 10 and 12 certificates. 

The siblings argued in court that their father had changed his last name from Mochi to Nayak because of the frequent caste injustices he had to endure. There is no doubting that the right to life also involves the right to live honourably, which includes the right to be free from casteism.

Article 21

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No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedures established by law. Article 21 uses three crucial expressions, which are listed below:


Right to life, and

Right to personal liberty.

Procedure established by law


Some cases related to Right to Life


The Supreme Court agreed with the aforementioned views in the case Sunil Batra v. Delhi Administration. The “right to life” was interpreted

 to include the ability to live a healthy life and utilise all of the faculties of the human body in their optimal state. It would even cover the right to defend one’s tradition, culture, heritage, and everything else that gives one’s life significance. It also includes the right to rest and good health, as well as the right to live and sleep in peace.


In Chandra Raja Kumar v. Police Commissioner Hyderabad, it has been held that the rightto life includes the right to live with human dignity and decency.


Sexual harassment of women has been held by the Supreme Court to be violative of the most cherished of the fundamental rights, namely, the Right to Life contained in Art. 21.

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