Sub Saharan Africa: France

Sub-Saharan Africa: France

Sub Saharan Africa: France

Sub-Saharan Africa: France, Sahel Countries Agree to Unified Command for Counter-Insurgency Efforts

What Happened: 

Sub-Saharan Africa France and Group of 5 Sahel countries have agreed to unify the command structure of their forces engaged in counter-insurgency operations under the name of the Coalition for the Sahel, France24 reported Jan. 13. France also agreed to commit an additional 220 troops to counter the rising threat posed by militant groups in the region.

Why It Matters:

The measures are unlikely to shift the dynamics in the ongoing fight against growing militancy in the Sahel or address the underlying issues driving unrest in the area. The new steps don’t offer significant upgrades from existing measures that have already proven inadequate in countering or containing militant groups.

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Militants and systemic unrest have been undermining public security in the Sahel for several years, particularly in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. Violence by groups linked to al Qaeda and the Islamic State has killed thousands and displaced nearly a million more.

Source: Startfor 

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