Pittas Find New Heaven in Odisha

Why in news?

179 Mangrove pitta(pitta megharencha) birds were sighted in two coastal districts of Odisha

– This is the first ever census of Mangrove Pittas carried out by Department of Forests and Wildlife.
– Mangrove pittas are nearly threatened species found in few pockets of eastern India- Bhitarkanika in Odisha and Sunderban in West Bengal.
– The objective of the census is to study the population analysis and growth pattern of these birds.
– The highest concentration of these birds has been found in the Mangrove near the Mahipura river mouth in the Bhitarkanika National Park.

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Some facts about Mangrove pitta

Ecosystem and Habitat-

1. Mangrove pitta found in tropical and sub-tropical Mangrove Forest, tropical and sub-tropical wetland, river, coastal marshland, stream, creeks and estuaries.
2. These birds are terrestrial.
3. These mangrove pitta species are non-migratory resident bird.
4. Breeding season usually begins from April-August (normally rainy season) when food is in high abundance and dense vegetation.
5. Mangrove pittas are monomorphic (male and female are very similar appearance)
6. Unlike other pittas it is easier to spot as it sits high up in mangrove trees.