WOMENS DAY MS. Priyanshi Patel: Cliches like ‘young business woman’ fall short when it comes to describing this dynamic entrepreneur. Ms. Priyanshi Patel has taken life as an adventure, rather than only being a normal rich kid on the Chosen One’s Chair. Being drawn towards multiple interests like reading, cinema, arts, photography; Priyanshi is a dynamic powerhouse who works for social causes with equal fervour.

She had been the Vice President of an internationally recognized company, the experience of which has helped her achieve Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Globoil in 2013. Being the force behind the launch of a project in Singapore aimed towards marketing and business development, Priyanshi has worked hard to enhance her business in South East Asian market. Due to her proactive approach to augment her business offerings, Priyanshi has introduced value added products in the company. She believes in customers’ need identification and addresses the same by introducing apt methods and processes. Thus, positioning her company on the global map in one of the most unique way.

Being the managing trustee of Karma Foundation, Priyanshi aims at focusing on holistic community development. Designed to help young people develop life skills, Karma aims to empower youth and maximise its potential. It works towards paving an inspiring path for youth by eliminating barriers and by providing right kind of resources. Understanding the massive importance of how much impact youth can make in a society, Priyanshi manoeuvres the young citizens towards constructive thinking by introducing the suitable platforms at Karma. For her efforts and initiatives, she’s been given highest state honour “GLORY OF GUJARAT” and recently given the prestigious title of “Bharat Ki Lakshmi” by Government of India.

She is credited of being the first female President of Entrepreneurs’ Organization for Gujarat Chapter, also becoming Area Director in 2019-20. She’s been the first female Chairperson of the Youth Wing of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Priyanshi is striving hard to accomplish innovative projects directed towards the enhancement of humanity.

Priyanshi, along with her team is also engaged in the building of disruptive platforms that will engage our world in a novel way. These potentially disruptive process platforms are collectively identified as an effective springboard toward a leap in efficiency and excellence that can be applied to multiple areas


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