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The insulting attitude of majority of Maldivian ministers towards India their ultra cheap racial remarks and a concerted effort to malign PM Modi has resurrected interest in Indian islands.
Here is a complete description of Indian islands
The Oceanic Islands
There are many types of islands occurring around the mainland – Depositional, extension of land, deltaic, coral, volcanic and man made.

The deltaic islands have been formed by outward building of deltas by nearshore deposition of river borne sediments aided by wave deposition. There are few islands off the east coast all of which have depositional features, e.g., on the mouth of the Dhamra river, north of the Mahanadi delta, on the mouth of Chilika lake and numerous islands on the mouth of the Ganges.
In contrast, practically all along the west coast are numerous small islands, generally rocky, reflecting the lithology of the nearby shore. In the Khambhat area, on the estuary of the Narmada occur some depositional islands, the largest of which is a 16 km long island known as Aliabet. Off the south coast of Saurashtra there are two prominent islands. One of which is Diu. The small islands in the Gulf of Kachchh are extensions of the Deccan basalt. Most of the islands in the Rann of Kachchh are small and rocky but the larger ones are the Pachham, Khadir and Bela island. The two major islands of Mumbai on the west and Sriharikota on the east have now become part of the mainland.
The Pemban Island and the Mannar are the remnants of the ancient land link and are now connected by Adam”s bridge.
The Andaman and Nicobar islands are the submerged peaks of ridges continuous with the Arakan Yoma mountain ranges. A parallel chain of islands to the east of Andaman are almost entirely submerged except for the volcanic islands of Narcondam and Barren and which rise at pinnacles above. The Barren Island is the only active volcano in India.
The Lakshwadeep which literally means one lakh islands are widely scattered in the Arabian Sea 200-250 km off the coast of Malabar. There are two sub groups. The islands north of eleventh parallel are collectively known as Amindivi Islands which includes Amini, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Keltan and a few tiny atolls, while those occurring south of it are Kavarathi, Cheriyan, Androth Pitti, Agatti, Kalpeni and several small islets together designated are Cannanore Islands. Minicoy is an isolated island 250 km south of Kavarathi.


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