Tauktae: Why tropical cyclones are more frequent in Arabian Sea | K.Siddhartha Sir | CSTV

Tauktae: Last year, around this time, India battled cyclone Amphan, and now Taukatae rages in the Arabian sea.

Tauktae is the fourth cyclone to consecutively develop in the Arabian Sea in the pre-monsoon period (from April to June); and this is the third year in a row that cyclones in Arabian Sea menaced the west coast.

Tauktae is said to be the most powerful storm to batter the west coast in two decades. Tuakte is the first extremely severe cyclonic storm to have come so close to Mumbai (approx. 145 kms) since records were maintained (1980 onwards).

Prior to that, Nisarga made landfall in 2020 and Vayu in 2019 moved parallel to the west coast as a severe cyclonic storm.

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1. We are answering some generally asked and emerging questions

2. What is the normal frequency of cyclonic storms expected in Arabian Sea?

3. In the event of increased cyclonic storms over Arabian Sea in the past few years, what could be the reasons behind it?

4. What will be the Impact of climate change on tropical cyclones

5. Can we expect more such severe cyclonic storms to impact the western coast of India?

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