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Frontogenesis and Frontolysis: Explain the Characteristic Features of Frontogenesis and Frontolysis.

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Cyclones or depressions form where a wave develops on the Polar front (hence, also known as wave cyclone), which allows a tongue of warmer Tropical air to penetrate into the Polar air mass. The whole process of, birth of depression is called frontogenesis while its decay is called frontolysis.

The initial formation of a front or frontal zone part of the formation of a depression. It can take place whenever the isotherms are suitably orientated during conditions of confluence and convergence in the lower atmosphere.

  • Formation of Low Pressure
  • Front Formation
  • Wave Pattern Formation
  • Rising Winds
  • Different Weather along two different fronts
  • Pressure
  • Backing and Veering of Winds
  • Clouds and their varieties
  • Weather Phenomena and Rain
  • Sequence of Weather following frontogenesis


The weakening of the thermal gradient at a frontal zone. This is produced under the reverse conditions of frontogenesis, i.e., with surface divergence of air and often subsidence.

When frontolysis is taking place, precipitation along the front stops and the cloud sheet breaks up and eventually disappears.

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