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Discuss the human response to and management of hazards and disasters in India.

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Disaster Management-K. Siddhartha

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The human response to hazards are not institutional, not Government and not a policy response. The response comprises of four stages, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.


Mitigation is the measures put in place to minimize the results from a disaster. Examples: building codes and zoning; vulnerability analyses; public education.


Preparedness comprises the planning as how to respond during a disaster. Examples: preparedness plans; emergency exercises/training; warning systems.


Response is the initial actions taken as the event takes place. It involves efforts to minimize damage created by a disaster for examples: evacuation, search and rescue, emergency relief etc.

Disaster Response

Disaster Response Activities

1.   Warning
2.   Evacuation and Migration
3.   Search and Rescue (SAR)
4.   Post-disaster assessment
5.   Response and relief
6.   Logistics and supply
7.   Communication and information management
8.   Survivor response and coping
9.   Security
10.        Emergency operations management
11.        Rehabilitation
12.        Reconstruction

Recovery involves bringing the community back to its normal course of life. This involves temporary housing facility, medical aid, grants etc.

Class of adjustments

Affect the cause

Modify the hazard

Modify loss potential

Adjustment to losses (Various Ways)

Spread the losses

Plan for losses

Bear the losses

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