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Indian Monsoon: Explain how various factors influence the origin and development of the Indian monsoon system.

Why the question was asked

New research and findings


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How diagrammatic can one be

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Deciphering points, Making correct diagrams

Source Book

Physical Geography-K. Siddhartha

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There are two parts of Monsoons-NE Monsoon and SW Monsoon

Origin of NE Monsoon

  • Subtropical Westerly Jet and its bufurcation

Origin of SW Monsoon

Comprises of Monsoon winds from BOB and Arbian Sea, Tropical Depressions,

  • Thermal Conditions
  • Movement of ITCZ
  • Sub tropical Westerly Jet
  • MLPT
  • Macarenas High
  • Somali Jet
  • Heating of Tibetan Plateau & Tropical Easterly Jet
  • El Nino
  • Dipole Circulation
  • Madden Julien Circulation

Indian Monsoon

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  4. Well-structured answer covering different dimensions.

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