Significance of Nepal For India And China

Significance of Nepal for India and China

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia sharing its borders with China in the north and India on three other sides. The country is separated from Bangladesh by the Indian Siliguri Corridor. The Indian state of Sikkim separates Nepal from Bhutan. Located in the Central Himalayas, Nepal is home to the Mount Everest, world’s […]


US Supreme Court has guaranteed Minority Rights.

US Christians had complaints that they are not given the same rights as minorities. If Secularists are considered as non- Christians which includes Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, then Christians as a group becomes a minority. Indian context of minority and majority To classify Hinduism as majority and others as minority imports Abrahmic view. Abrahmic view […]

New irritants in India-China relationship

New Irritants in India-China Relationship

India and China are two such countries of the world, which hold tremendous potential to create, impact, modify the geo-politics and economy of Asia as well as the world. Being neighbours and first and second most populated countries in the world makes them natural rivals. Although, India and China share many common cultural interests, the […]

Demographic Dividend Vs Demographic Disaster

How India can save Demographic Dividend from Demographic Disaster. 

Whenever we study about population growth of a country, the history as well as the present development of the country matters a lot. The population of a country can be divided into two categories ‘working’ and ‘dependent’. The population in the age group between 15 to 65 are considered to be in the working category. […]

Rising Sea Levels

Rising Sea Levels

Loss of human life, property, livestock, marine life crops, food scarcity, rising conflicts and diseases. These are some of the endless consequences of rising sea levels. Rising seas is one of the effects of climate change- a phenomenon which is drastically taking place in recent years accelerated due to human activities, particularly greenhouse gas emissions […]

global climate change

How to make Earth resilient to the evident global climate change?

Climate change, the buzz word today is the talking point worldwide. Demonstrations led by students worldwide demanding the attention of world leaders towards the issue of climate change show how concerned the young generation is for the world they are going to live in, a world which is largely slipping into chaos made by incomplete […]