Surrogacy Regulation Bill 2020

Surrogacy Regulation Bill 2020 : A New Ray of Hope for Motherhood

INTRODUCTION Surrogacy Regulation Bill 2020: Recently the Union Cabinet has approved the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2020 which allows any willing woman to be a surrogate mother and proposes that widows and divorced women can also benefit from its provisions beside infertile Indian couples. The story of surrogacy has not been the same in India. Surrogate […]


Mekedatu Dam Project : How the project benefit the uncontrolled urban growth in Karnataka?

How the Mekedatu dam project benefit the uncontrolled urban growth in Karnataka? Mekedatu Dam Project : Water and power is the lifeline of urban growth. Karnataka is the 8th largest state in India with more than 61 crores of population and growing urbanization of various cities, especially in Bangalore. Bangalore is the IT capital of […]


Covid-19: India’s own local governance system can save the villages in a pandemic

INTRODUCTION India’s own local governance system can save the villages in a pandemic like covid-19 Local governments were designed with the purpose of creating order in ways that serve the general public democratically. This democratic decentralisation has lead the government to reach even the last village in the county and ensure its proper functioning. The […]


Humanity will never forgive manual scavenging

Humanity: Manual scavenging is the removal, disposal of human excreta of a person by another person, in the most bold terms. It involves cleaning of sewers, dry-latrines, gutters, drains, septic tanks, etc. manually. The people who do this work are called ‘manual scavengers’. Manual scavengers are those unfortunate people who have been doing this work […]

Artificial Intelligence

Will Artificial Intelligence help our future detection of diseases?

Artificial Intelligence: Innovation and creativity have been in the blood of humans, so they have demonstrated from Stone Age till today, i.e., an era of information technology. Evolution is a law of nature so is the technology which is a part of nature. Today world is flooded with data that has become valuable assets and […]


Why Ed Tech is a preferred mode of learning for many?

Today many countries are fighting against amidst COVID-19, which has highlighted a paradigm shift in mode of learning through use of technology or IT tools i.e. educational technology, to make learning engaging and involving. In the wake of COVID-19, as per UNESCO Report 29 countries have seen closure of school, colleges and MNCs affecting education […]