Can Mediocrity Survive and Sustain

Do you think MEDIOCRITY CAN SURVIVE AND SUSTAIN in education system? Meaning of Mediocrity Mediocrity in education means an impaired learning, perceptual distortions, a lack of emotional differentiation and diminished curiosity as well as increasing inability to self understand and correct themselves and build a character. Yes, mediocritywill survive and persist It will survive and […]

Do’s & Dont’s for Civil Services

What are the do’s and don’ts for students who are preparing for a competitive exam? UPSC Civil Services is qualified by people who have a specific type of mindset, an attitude and some qualities and traits that allows them to handle certain difficult situations easily. Remember UPSC takes only those people who can administer. Who […]

Career Scope as Meteorologist

Every year, more than eight lakhs of students successfully clear 12th board examinations in India. Before these students get to celebrate on their high-school completion, they find themselves hemmed in with the infinite career options. While engineering, medical, and law have always been pre-dominant career choices for the parents, growing up as meteorologists and climatologists […]