Land Reforms

Land Reforms Ownership & the way forward

Land Reforms Ownership & the way forward India is the seventh largest country in the World in terms of landmass although not everyone in the country has access to land. Even if one has access, our complex land ownership rules make things difficult. Since the British Raj, people like small farmers, labourers have just suffered […]

Dholes are extincting

Dholes are extincting

Dholes are extincting : Human beings have made a lot of progress in the past decades. Consequently our equation with the environment has also changed. However, this change has not been so progressive. Since industrial times, humans have led the world to achieve massive growth of industries, even agricultural development resulting in tremendous food production […]

Tourism challenge Climate Change

Tourism Challenge Climate Change Crisis

Can Tourism increase the challenges of the Climate Change Crisis? Tourism Challenge Climate Change Crisis: We are Indians, like to tour various places- whether it’s an odyssey or a sojourn, we pack our bags in holidays or in our leisure times. Thus, tourism is one of the stupendous sources of income in India as well […]

india climate change

India’s stand on Climate Change

Climate change is the most loathsome and horrendous issue the entire world is confronting at this moment. Earth’s average temperature is increasing at a disturbing rate and every one of the nations with their pioneers are required to meet up to tackle this issue. Environmentalists are raising their concerns and are viewing the pioneers to […]

global climate change

How to make Earth resilient to the evident global climate change?

Climate change, the buzz word today is the talking point worldwide. Demonstrations led by students worldwide demanding the attention of world leaders towards the issue of climate change show how concerned the young generation is for the world they are going to live in, a world which is largely slipping into chaos made by incomplete […]

ipcc 2019

The uncertainties of climate change

The uncertainties of climate change: More from Human behavior rather than Science. The uncertainties of weather change have sky-rocketed by leaps and bounds in the whole world for the last two or three decades. It’s shocking yet true that the main culprit is the Human behavior. Because of the change in the climate system, the […]

permafrost distribution in the arctic

Arctic: Between Catastrophe to Opportunities

The climate cataclysm looms with fast-melting Arctic ice, which stuck around the world, especially in lowlands near the sea and left thousands of innocent souls marooned and the quagmire of umpteen is beyond description. A study of Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Space lab published in US journal described, Greenland’s melting ice caused sea levels […]