US Supreme Court has guaranteed Minority Rights.

US Christians had complaints that they are not given the same rights as minorities. If Secularists are considered as non- Christians which includes Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, then Christians as a group becomes a minority.

Indian context of minority and majority

To classify Hinduism as majority and others as minority imports Abrahmic view. Abrahmic view states that the majority exploits the minority. But in Indian case, Abrahmic view can’t be applied. During Islamic invasion in India, Muslims numerically minority ruled over the majority ( Hindus). Britishers ( Christians) numerically minority ruled over majority for 200 years in India. In India, minorities were not oppressed as in the US.

Hinduism is not top- down, autocratic, Church like system where one can take out census and state that Hindus are in majority.  In Hinduism of different sects               (sampradaya), denomination, exists within the open architecture of Vedic cosmology and each have their own power structure, own hierarchy, institution and some of them are not institutionalised at all. Mutual respect for each other is in Hindus ethos. Therefore, other religions are not suffering because of any offence against them. Per- capita income of Christians are higher than others in India. Christians also enjoy  land rights as the various Churches are owned by them.

Physical minority in India have Global majority.

MC Donald in India with some number of employees can’t say that that are minority because they have more than ten thousand restaurants all over the world. Similarly, the Christianity and Islam have the Global power. Muslims and Christians in India are not really minorities as far as power is concerned. They are a part of the global power structure.

Solving the conflict between religious identity and national identity

If Muslims and Christians reconcile the issue of historical identity by distancing and disowning themselves from the crime against humanity done by their ancestors and feel that “we are Indians first”, there would be no national conflict. Muslims and Christians have the freedom to choose to worship their respective Gods. Being the Indian first they should respect the Indian traditions that are native to the soil. Therefore they should disown any Church programme to convert because it is against the integrity of India. If a person through his own awakening accepts Jesus Christ as his/ her isht devta is welcome. Therefore, it is up to Indian Christians to separate themselves from the historical problems of Christianity all over the world and also from the political apparatus of Christianity globally. 

If the above conditions are met the identity of being Bhartiya becomes available to people of all faiths.