Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice: Does India need to consider more sympathetically juvenile justice to safeguard children’s vulnerable actions?

The Juvenile Justice system around the world is a mechanism to deal with the youngsters, below 18 years of age who have committed crime. In India, such children are addressed with ‘children in conflict with law’. Therefore, children who have not yet attained the age of 18 or the age of majority are tried under […]


Covid-19: India’s own local governance system can save the villages in a pandemic

INTRODUCTION India’s own local governance system can save the villages in a pandemic like covid-19 Local governments were designed with the purpose of creating order in ways that serve the general public democratically. This democratic decentralisation has lead the government to reach even the last village in the county and ensure its proper functioning. The […]


राष्ट्रीय एकता में सरदार पटेल (Sardar Patel)के योगदान

छवि “लौह पुरूष की ऐसी न देखी, ना सोची कभी  आवाज में सिंह सी दहाड़ थी हृदय में कोमलता की पुकार थी एकता का स्वरूप जो इसने रचा देश का मानचित्र पल भर में बदला गरीबो का सरदार था वो दुश्मनों के लिए लौह था वो आँधी की तरह बहता गया बनकर गाँधी का अहिंसा का […]


US Supreme Court has guaranteed Minority Rights.

US Christians had complaints that they are not given the same rights as minorities. If Secularists are considered as non- Christians which includes Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, then Christians as a group becomes a minority. Indian context of minority and majority To classify Hinduism as majority and others as minority imports Abrahmic view. Abrahmic view […]