India and China

India and China standoff and its effects

India and China standoff and its effects | The volatile borders of India and China India and China border is one of the most volatile borders of the world, the whole of LAC (Line of Actual Control) consisting of western, middle and eastern sectors due to the absence of demarcation cannot truly qualify as an […]


GTAM – Green Term Ahead Market : Launched

GTAM: Green Term Ahead Market Q.Explain Green Term Ahead Market (GTAM)?   Union Power Minister RK Singh recently launched the ‘Green Term Ahead Market’ (GTAM) in the power sector. GTAM is an alternative model intended to provide renewable energy producers the facility to sell electricity in the open market without a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA). […]

India and Nepal

India and Nepal : Who will be the loser in Nepal’s new Aggression?

India and Nepal shares a border of 1850 kilometres India and Nepal have been close neighbours and shared unique friendship. Nepal shares a border of 1850 kilometres with five Indian states – Sikkim, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand. The bedrock of the friendship lies in the Indo Nepal Treaty of peace and friendship of […]

One Belt One Road Chinese

One Belt and One Road (OBOR) Initiative work as an engine for Chinese Expansionist Agenda?

What are the costs involved in One Belt and One Road (OBOR) and which regions of the world do the project aims to connect? The one belt one road is an ambitious initiative that envisages laying the infrastructure and connectivity networks for economic progress in as many as sixty countries of the world  with a proposed […]

Biggest ever decline in GDP

GDP : Biggest ever decline in GDP in 24 years

Biggest ever decline in GDP in 24 years 1. As per the latest data released, what the actual scenario on GDP front ? The Indian economy has recorded the biggest decline in 24 years in the first quarter of FY 2020-21. According to the government data released on 31 Aug , the country’s economy declined […]


Can Bhutan save itself from the Clutches of Climate Change?

Bhutan Climate Change: The threat of climate change is getting more real as the days pass. It is not a new observation that there are certain countries, particular places and communities which are directly facing the threat. Among the countries in the Himalayan abode- Bhutan is seriously at the changing climate and its consequences. It […]


Nepali expansionist ambitions & why they are wrong

Nepali expansionist ambitions and why they are wrong. India and Nepal are natural partners India and Nepal are natural partners closely knit together by culture and geography. Both countries derive their understanding of the Indo-Nepal boundaries from the Treaty of Sugauli. Recently, both countries are facing a dispute which has arisen from different interpretations of […]

South East Asia

India-South East Asia – Different Spheres

India-South East Asia – Different Spheres Region of Huge Potential South East Asia is a region of the world which holds tremendous significance and potential yet to be realised. Here India will have an important role to play in realising its potential as well as work for its own growth. India and South East Asia […]


India: Export strategy

Export strategy India, following Gandhian principles, has aimed to be self-reliant. Making India self reliant would require providing jobs to the people, more revenue generation among common people. Many other measures must be taken care of and priority must be given to increasing exports. India has tremendous potential to be an ‘export major’ in the […]