Need to Reform Civil Services Recruitment

In a democratic country like India, politicians make speeches, contest in the election, and occupy ministries, but when the time comes to create and execute policies, these politicians have a very limited role as the entire system is managed by the civil servants – bureaucrats. Bureaucracy is the engine of democracy; when it runs smoothly, […]

Colonial Hangover Casts So Much Shadow

The Interlinking of rivers conceived on a gigantic scale may not been a reality, but no one is inimical of linking rivers as and where it offers possibilities in economic and ecological terms. Many such schemes have already been completed in the country in the past. These are: Periyar-Vaigai Scheme Kurnool-Cuddapah Canal Parambikulum-aliyar Project Bhakhara-Rajasthan […]

India and Africa

Re-imagining India and Africa Delhi’s Strategy for Indo-Pacific needs to recognise the importance of the continent Although scepticism about the idea of Indo-Pacific endures, the new geopolitical construct continues to gain ground. In embracing the concept late last month, the Association of South East Asian Nations has taken a big step towards bridging the eastern […]