Artificial Intelligence

Will Artificial Intelligence help our future detection of diseases?

Artificial Intelligence: Innovation and creativity have been in the blood of humans, so they have demonstrated from Stone Age till today, i.e., an era of information technology. Evolution is a law of nature so is the technology which is a part of nature. Today world is flooded with data that has become valuable assets and with human intervention gave rise to Artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a collection of technology that may be in the form of application or software which feeds on data, simply put it is mimic of human intelligence. It analyses data using machine learning algorithms and gives suggestions and predictions accordingly, like “Jarvis” (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) in Iron man movie.

Today Artificial Intelligence has very wide applications from the automobile industry, security, administrative, finance to the health care industry. So yes AI can help in the future detection of diseases.


Today when the world is fighting against COVID-19, Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role in supporting doctors and curving the impact of the Nobel coronavirus. Germany and South Korea are the best examples who used AI for scanning COVID-19 patient at a rapid rate, so as to control COVID-19 efficiently. In the case of India, where cases are now rising, giving challenges for its management, therefore various hospitals have now approached for the use of AI. For example, use of Zafi medic robot in Mahatma Gandhi Govt. hospital for delivering food and medicines, KARMI Bot Kochi based robot used for disinfecting region by UV radiation similarly Minus coronavirus UV bot of PerSapien firm in Delhi, use of Aarogya Setu app to trace contact to COVID-19 infected person just through Bluetooth.

It’s just not COVID-19, today AI is been used in diagnosing and treatments of many other diseases, use of symptom data, doctor’s report, research result, medical images, all have given an edge to AI. Therefore, AI has the potential to detect malaria, tuberculosis, Intestinal parasite, cervical cancer, heart diseases and whatnot. Various firms are taking responsibility to build AI for the welfare of the people, for example, IIT- Delhi, Microsoft collaboration with Apollo hospital to provide the best prediction of diseases.


AI is complementing doctors, helping to predict and detect diseases very advance to humans, example Canadian AI company’s BlueDot alerted the world based on 1 lakh report when on 31st December the first case was detected by China. AI has an edge on health because it learns to analyse experience and data, based on algorithm, understand and build a regular pattern and predict and determine the future possibility, for example, diagnosis of cancer which otherwise would require intensive labor and by the time it is found it becomes too late to be cured.


Today what needed is human-centric design, robust data infrastructure, safe and responsible approach, collaboration, and AI talent pool to give a further boost to AI for the detection of future disease. There is a need for a nation wide centralised data deposition system. Till now AI has been successful in the detection of some of the diseases, with every challenge that come forth, it will become better and better. Though AI can never replace humans on a wider perspective but yes it can complement for sure. Today’s world is “drowning in information, starving for wisdom” but human intelligence is far beyond and will always have an upper edge over AI. Future application of AI is going to change the scenario of the health world over. The world health industry, on average uses 46% of AI reducing workload-based on a report of 15 countries. So definitely AI is going to play a neck-breaking role in the future detection of diseases.


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