Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master

What is AI ?

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science that is concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. Technological development has taken a huge leap in the past few decades. The development of AI is one of the greatest achievements in the human history. It will allow machines to do what we as humans rationally think and then do. It would make the work easier for human race. But still there are some concerns about AI turning out to be destructive or even harmful to the world.

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Pros of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial IntelligenceEverything about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of flourishing the civilization like never before. Unlike humans the AI can perform repetitive tasks everyday even every hour without complaining or getting tired. It can continue to make rational decisions one after the another for long hours without taking any breaks. AI and robotic sciences are being used in mining and fuel exploration processes. The machines are complex and they help in overcoming the human physical limitations. The programmed robots can perform laborious tasks with extra hard work and greater responsibility. Moreover, they do not wear out easily. The companies are also using artificial intelligence to collect data about their users such as the most viewed products by the users and then showing the advertisements of the same kind to that user. AI has also taken over our daily lives and chores. Siri listens to our instructions in one tap. GPS helps you to travel the world. The basic necessities of life have become food, shelter, clothing and a smart phone. The best is the autocorrect feature it understands what we want to say and presents our sentence in the best possible way.  The wide range of medical applications of AI is the best thing happened to the human race. Nowadays, radiosurgery is done in which the tumours are operated without damaging the surrounding tissues. It also helps doctors to diagnose a disease and give medicines. The complete lack of emotions makes it efficient to make right decisions in a very short span of time. The best example of this is the usage in medical health care. The AI tools in health care sector have improved efficiency by minimising false diagnosis.

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Cons of Artificial Intelligence

As said always ‘every coin has two sides’ same goes for the AI. The high cost of AI is of the factors. AI are complex machines and thus not only the installation cost is high but also the maintenance and repair costs huge. Apart from the high cost, the best minds of the world and being used in making the people click adds similar to what they view on the websites which is a total wastage of the human brain. No matter how advanced the machines become they can never replicate the human brain. Machines do as tell to do. They lack emotions and lack the sense of what is legal and what is not. Being rational does not mean that the work performed is always correct. They do not have any judgement making skills and therefore right and wrong is nil for them. Artificial intelligence cannot be improved with experience. Humans can learn from their mistakes and perform the same work in a different way but thus is not true in the case of machines as they do what they are programmed to do. This machine intelligence also lacks creativity. Human minds are designed to be creative and think of new and advanced ways to perform a particular piece of work but this is absolutely false in the case of machines. They also cannot cope up with the dynamic environment and thus they cannot change their responses with the changing environments. Also, if singularity point comes in AI that is if machine intelligence surpasses the human intelligence then it can harm humans. But this worst-case scenario is very difficult to achieve.

ConclusionArtificial Intelligence

AI has increased the understanding of the nature of intelligence and increased its applications in a wide range of areas. It has changed the human lifestyle and is continuing to do wonders in the field of technology and even our daily chores. It has sharpened the understanding of human reasoning. It is difficult to determine weather this technology will create new jobs in the future or not but it is sure to take up any task that requires human hard work and rational thinking.

Artificial intelligence is about replacing human decision making with more sophisticated technologies.

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