क्रोध की मर्यादा

पितामह भीष्म के जीवन में एक ही पाप था कि वे समय पर क्रोध नहीं करते थे और *जटायु के जीवन में एक ही पुण्य था कि वे समय पर क्रोध करते थे। “नतीजतन एक को बाणों की शय्या मिली और एक को प्रभु श्री राम की गोद।” वेद कहते हैं – “क्रोध भी तब […]


ARE YOU IN PERCEPTION MODE? The price of being true and taking a  stance  is always less than the regret of being ‘neutral ‘ to wait for status quo situation. A premonition driven attitude, perception guided judgemental response camouflages truth and transparency in relations. What breaks, breaches and diminishes trust is camouflaged intentions, and if […]

India can be a Vishwa Guru in preventing climate change

New Delhi: India is at the cusp of bringing about some major transformations in the way the world thinks and perceives about its environmental related issues. It is actually at the cusp of change to unleash new knowledge to the world, cleanse the world of infodemics on climate change, weave the world communities into making the […]

Need to Reform Civil Services Recruitment

In a democratic country like India, politicians make speeches, contest in the election, and occupy ministries, but when the time comes to create and execute policies, these politicians have a very limited role as the entire system is managed by the civil servants – bureaucrats. Bureaucracy is the engine of democracy; when it runs smoothly, […]

Colonial Hangover Casts So Much Shadow

The Interlinking of rivers conceived on a gigantic scale may not been a reality, but no one is inimical of linking rivers as and where it offers possibilities in economic and ecological terms. Many such schemes have already been completed in the country in the past. These are: Periyar-Vaigai Scheme Kurnool-Cuddapah Canal Parambikulum-aliyar Project Bhakhara-Rajasthan […]