Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance 20th century

Antibiotic Resistance : In the early 20th century, Alexander Fleming discovered the first true antibiotic as he discovered Penicillin in 1928. The invention of antibiotic changed the world of medicine. Today, they are used from China to Peru to treat infections caused by bacteria. Umpteen of prescriptions are written for antibiotics each year on this […]

Tourism challenge Climate Change

Tourism Challenge Climate Change Crisis

Can Tourism increase the challenges of the Climate Change Crisis? Tourism Challenge Climate Change Crisis: We are Indians, like to tour various places- whether it’s an odyssey or a sojourn, we pack our bags in holidays or in our leisure times. Thus, tourism is one of the stupendous sources of income in India as well […]

ipcc 2019

The uncertainties of climate change

The uncertainties of climate change: More from Human behavior rather than Science. The uncertainties of weather change have sky-rocketed by leaps and bounds in the whole world for the last two or three decades. It’s shocking yet true that the main culprit is the Human behavior. Because of the change in the climate system, the […]

permafrost distribution in the arctic

Arctic: Between Catastrophe to Opportunities

The climate cataclysm looms with fast-melting Arctic ice, which stuck around the world, especially in lowlands near the sea and left thousands of innocent souls marooned and the quagmire of umpteen is beyond description. A study of Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Space lab published in US journal described, Greenland’s melting ice caused sea levels […]

Why India requires Traffic Reforms?

India, often regarded as ‘one of the fastest growing countries’, aspires to grow into a $5 trillion economy. But its dreams and aspirations have come to a standstill as India is having some of its most dreadful days recently. Besides natural calamities, paucity of ground water, poor performance in GDP growth; one of the paramount […]