Ayodhya dispute has finally been resolved.

Ayodhya dispute 

The popularly known Ayodhya dispute has been a religious and political flashpoint that has cast a shadow on the country for decades. The decades old Ayodhya case dominated political discourse since the 1980s. Several elections have been fought on this issue. A five judge constitution bench was constituted. It finally delivered the landmark  judgement with a resounding 5-0 decision. The bench comprised of eminent judges as:

Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoiayodhya

Justice SA Bobde

Justice DY Chandrachud

Justice Ashok Bhushan

Justice Abdul Nazeer

November 9, 2019: The landmark historical verdict was read out in the Supreme Court by the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, who retires on November 17, 2019. The five-judge constitution bench had earlier heard all the concerned parties in the case for 40 days.

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Main points:

-The findings by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) formed the basis of the verdict.

-There was indeed a structure underneath the mosque, 

-The disputed structure was not built on “vacant land”, but on a Hindu structure,

-Archaeological evidence cannot be brushed aside as conjecture and hypothesis, 

-Evidence has been presented that Hindus have been offering prayers at the outer courtyard,

-Central Govt should within 3 months formulate a scheme envisaging setting up of Trust,

-The disputed 2.77 acre land in Ayodhya will be given to a government-run trust for the building a temple, and

-Muslims will be given a five-acre “suitable” plot in Ayodhya  by the government.



After the Ayodhya verdict it is said that the judgment of on Ayodhya is historic. The Judgement will further strengthen India’s social fabric. The Government has urged everyone to take the verdict with equanimity and magnanimity. The government has also appealed to the people to maintain peace and harmony after this landmark verdict.

Political leaders have said that the verdict should be welcomed by everyone. It will be beneficial for the social harmony. There should be no further dispute on this issue. The verdict may bring an end to a long and bitter dispute.

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