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India and China standoff and its effects

India and China standoff and its effects | The volatile borders of India and China

India China borderIndia and China border is one of the most volatile borders of the world, the whole of LAC (Line of Actual Control) consisting of western, middle and eastern sectors due to the absence of demarcation cannot truly qualify as an exact border through which both the countries can prove their claims. India considers LAC to be 3,488 km long, while China claims it to be 2000 km long. The McMohan line in the eastern sector serves as the boundary of LAC but china claims the entire Arunachal Pradesh as part of South Tibet.

The Pangong Tso lake is also one of the regions for the continued scuffle between the two nuclear armed nations. The lake is overlooked by the Finger Area which is a set of 8 cliffs. India claims the LAC is coterminous with Finger 8 that control up to Finger 4. Physically Chinese posts are at Finger 8 but it claims LAC passes through Finger 2.

How important is Darbuk- Shyok- Daulat Beg Oldie Road

india_chinaOn 21 May 2020, Chinese troops entered the Galwan River Valley and objected to the building of Darbuk- Shyok- Daulat Beg Oldie Road which leads into the Galwan valley and set up their infrastructure there.

Further in the month they invaded at 3 different places Hot springs, Patrol Point 14 and 15, conditions deteriorated on 15 June when the clash occurred in the Galwan region.

20 Indian soldiers were martyred while the Chinese soldiers’ casualties were not known. Both the countries released conflicting claims on what lead to the clash.

Disengagement talks between India and China

Several rounds of disengagement talks were held following which disengagement was said to be completed at PP14, Galwan, Hot Spring and Gogra. But the reluctance of China to disengage from 4 junctions in Depsang plains and Finger 4 area is an impediment in returning to status quo ante for which India is striving hard. China has also claimed that returning to the conditions of April 2020 is not possible.

Deformation of Relationship Between the India and China

These skirmishes have led to the deformation of relationship between the two nations and have impacted the relationship in different sectors. In the economic sector India tightened the FDI norms coming from the countries sharing land borders with India. In a direct retaliation to the clash India banned 59 Chinese app including Tiktok, Weibo and Wechat which had a huge market in India. Over 200 apps have been banned till date including PubG which has caused huge blow to the market of China in India. India has also made significant moves in the military sector by deploying tanks, artillery across LAC and also recruited fighter jets in IAF. To become a self sufficient economy the Indian government has also launched the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan to replace Chinese products with domestic products.

The Solution to improve the Diplomatic Relation Between India and China

To resolve this bone of contention India and China should stick to 2005 protocol and 2013 Border Defence Cooperation Agreement. India which is heavily dependent on API for pharmaceuticals products from China should also work in this sector to reduce this dependency. It should also boost its relations with other countries so that sufficient pressure on Chinese government can be build up to stop them from taking unilateral decisions. Both the countries must remember that they are the amongst the largest economies, demography, markets and militaries of the world. And not only their conflicts affect both the nations themselves but affect the whole world economy. Therefore it is in the best interest that their foreign policy must be strategised in such a manner that an equilibrium must be maintained. It is the demand of the situation to revisit the original aspiration of establishing diplomatic relations 70 years ago and carry forward the spirit of good neighbourliness and friendship, unity and cooperation.

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Topic :-India and China standoff and its effects

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