Who Owns The Data

Data is the new oil today. It would be very convincing to call data a treasure trove. Data is the way of entering into the people’s mind-set, lifestyle, cultures, traditions and intellect. The one who owns data or have access to it is supposed to rule the masses.

Winston Churchill after the Second World War in Harvard said- “ The empires of the future will be empires of the mind”.

Data:- Raw material to finished product.data

Global digital corporations like to consider data as a freely shareable open resource till the data is out there , with the people, communities, etc. But the moment they collect the data, it seems to become their de facto private property and they refuse to share it, even for important public interest purpose.

The raw material stored in the data are the names, residences of people, different religious groups, different caste groups within each religion, the vulnerable groups, the violent groups who have complaints with the existing political, social and economic system of India, mind-set of the youth and so on. With Alibaba setting up cloud services in India, the data of Indians becomes accessible to the PLA( People’s Liberation Army). Already Huawei owns the largest part of our network.

With the above information stored in data, the government of the country who owns Global digital corporations frames International policies that can threaten Internal security of a country.

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India:- Digital colony?

1) On Intellectual property threat-  The concepts of civilization and nation- state can be disrupted by Artificial intelligence.

dataThe digestion of the Sanskrit words into English words loses the original meaning of the words. For eg- Word like Religion is equated with Dharma. With the word secularism Dharma is put aside in India. This is the reason why we have so many corrupt people in India. Dharma has nothing to do with God unlike religion. Dharma is the moral conduct of the soul, of the being. Similarly Sanskrit word Daana doesn’t mean Charity in English. Daana is selfless offerings given to the needy people. But Charity is the type of investment which comes with interest at a future date. By equating Daana with Charity, Indians started doing charity now not Daana. This is a civilizational loss.

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2) On National security- Data taken from the Gmail, phones of the military people. Everything we browse in, whether in incognito mode, all are saved. Various applications like FaceApp, Tiktok etc, store the data in the server even after the application is deleted from the mobile. These applications also get access to the Gmail account, phone gallery and other person details.

Social media through algorithm promote certain ideologies that can harm national security such as Separatism- happening in N-E India, Punjab, Kerala.

Also they can make the people of a country to feel ashamed of their own ideologies and culture. data

3) Conversion/ Evangelism-  They know who are vulnerable and who are against each other. Can make people fight with each other. Christian missionaries convert the poor people into Christians in return for food, shelter and admissions in Christian schools and colleges.

Most of the NGOs in India are funded by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundation. These NGOs create notorious work such as creating rift between North Indian and South Indian by continuously propagating Dravidian and Indo- European concepts.

For eg- a)Dalit is portrayed as the most exploited community. The reason why Rohith Vemula committed suicide was widely depicted for him being a Dalit. But his suicide note doesn’t say anything about him being a Dalit. Such news create National shame as well as give reason to the lower caste people to get converted into the religion which gives them acceptance in society

  1. b) Lynching nowadays is hyper sensitised and became synonyms with the attack by the majority on the minorities.

4) Fake news- Google by algorithm can push the news it wants us to know. In this way our mind is controlled by Google.

Wikipedia is biased and undemocratic. It allows only Westerners to add interpretation on sensitive topics. The Aryan invasion theory , Ayodhya Issues etc. are conflicting and vulnerable on Wikipedia.

5) Political medellin

  The case of Cambridge Analytica is the proof of political medalling by Global giant Facebook. The political election of a country can be influenced by the international community. These platforms make it possible to go from manufacturing consent to manipulating consent.

6) Political advertisement

Personal attack on important public personalities is allowed more than ever before. Moreover, the creator of such advertisements are not detectable.  For eg- Facebook has a system where the creator or writer can pay and get his advertisements/articles sent to the target groups.

In short, India has become a digital colony. We are owned by Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon. Our data is in the servers of US. The servers are accessed by NSA( National Security Agency). The US establishment know about our digital footprint. Therefore, they can analyse our digital pattern and can do whatever they want with us.

7) Control of Self- esteem.- Facebook take money to promote articles/ blogs and so on. If this current trend goes, in future matrimonial sites will be based on how many followers a person have or people with more followers will get job. In this way these Global companies can control our self- esteem.

Way Forward:-

1) Lessons from China.

China doesn’t import technologies from the countries which promotes cultural biases. China rather import technologies from Nordic countries which respects the culture of the other country. 

Therefore, the Indian government should be sensitive to the foreign technologies which create cultural biases.

2) The corporate society can give back to India.

Corporates can fund and develop Indian scholars rather than studying western interpretation of India’s cultural past. If India can create software engineers then why not Indologists?

3) Data Residency Law in India- All data of Indian should remain in India. Data going out should be done with the process of law. NSA can’t be allowed to snoop on Indians. If NSA does snoop, it has to be an international incident.

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