Why History needs Re-Writing ?

History needs Re-Writing : Unity in diversity is what we say about our country, it’s not one-night process  that emerged rather it is a long process of Indian history which itself is very diverse.

There has been a lot of discussion in the last one year about the need for re-writing history as the history written in the last 900 years is mostly from point of view  of British and Muslim rulers who were not very nostalgic about our country, and it was never their country.

Also, Indian freedom struggle and post-independence period is said to be congress bias since they were in the power over 70 long years. The result was that  some deserving events and names were purposely missed out. Now  this raise a question– does history needs re-writing?Why History needs Re-Writing ?Why History needs Re-Writing _india ?

By definition, history is a continuous, systematic narrative of past events related to particular people, country, period, and person which is written in chronological order based on true and factual record, i.e., as they happened no matter good or bad.

Now with the emergence of new evidence proposed by archaeology, genetics, and climate science, for example, Aryan invasion said to be 1500 BC but according to archaeology and genetics there is no evidence about large scale migration from central Asia indeed is said to be climate change as major reason for disappearance for Indus valley civilization, new direction about history can be acknowledged.

Therefore there is a need for re-writing.

Most of the history has  been written from British colonial, Marxist and American perspective who glorified their deeds and acts, but what about the contribution of Russian and Indian people, for example, WW-II Nazi not only lost hundreds of thousand against Russia but also there a large part of machine and equipment as well as on the front of Africa, Italy and along the border of France, it was Indian soldiers who stood against Nazis in the British army, why history is missing their sacrifice.

Indian history is all about Delhi, north and North West in specific and focused. There is nothing great about Satavahana,  Vijaynagara, Chola empire of south India and their rich maritime history, i.e., naval power in southeast Asia region.

Ahom kingdom lived for 600 years even undefeated by Mughal in the northeast region but despite their greatness they are missing from Indian history. Indian history emphasizes invader and conqueror but it hardly speak of those of traders and refugees like Parsis and Jews.

Why History needs Re-Writing ?Why History needs Re-Writing _india ?There is a need to glorify the extraordinary history of Indian science, ancient Indian great advancement of metallurgy, medicine, and mathematics.

Being Indian one should be proud of our unique history of surgery of lord Ganesh head as an inspiration though seems mythical but the university of Colombia- Irving medical center study ancient Indian text of Sushruta Samhita where detailed instruction of complex surgical procedures is given.

Our Indian history needs also to emphasize about Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap who are the inspiration of many, Veer Savarkar without him our first war of independence-1857 revolt would have been just a rebellion. People like Lala Lajpat Rai, Chandrashekar Azad, Ashfaqullah Khan, Chapekar Brothers, Durga Devi, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Surayya Baduddin Tayyabji-women behind the national flag, “Sare Jaha Se Acha” by Muhammad Iqbal were lost and not glorified.

Our hard-fought freedom is not as peaceful as we see or our history claims, yes no doubt Gandhi’s non-violence played a very significant role but also do armed struggle by INA facilitated national freedom movement that is equally true. Freedom was earned on blood and sweat as many died due to famine, the cruelty of colonial power, and also fighting against the Britishers for freedom. Then why we missed or neglect the facts in our history as armed struggle.  Truth is truth, good or bad.

Why History needs Re-Writing ?Why History needs Re-Writing _india ?I strongly feel that there is a need to rewrite history at least from the Indian point of view, our next generation textbook needs to be based on hard evidence so needs to be more transparent and encourage a student to think more objectively and draw conclusion so that our unsung heroes find their due mention. It need not be politically influenced rather be the way it happened,  whether it was good or bad.

While rewriting,  the objective of our historian must be clear to generate feelings of nationalism, patriotism, and acceptance with a sense of tolerance towards every aspect of society and people which on large scale must promote unity because India is diverse so is our history.

TITLE :- Why History needs re-writing?

AUTHOR:- Vivek Singh 

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