Tough Fish Why in news?

Tough Fish Why in news?

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Tough Fish Why in news?

  • Using genome sequences, researchers from McGill University have shown that the three-spined stickleback can adapt to extreme climatic changes.
  • Climate change is leading to habitat loss and temperature swings, and this finding can help scientists map out the population’s evolutionary future.
  • The group found the fishes rapidly Slide 46 of 131 adapted to changes happening in real time

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About the species

  • The tough fish is a fish native to most inland and coastal waters north of 30°N
  • Many populations are anadromous (they live in seawater but breed in fresh or brackish water) and very tolerant of changes in salinity, a subject of interest to physiologists
  • Its antipredator adaptations, host-parasite interactions, sensory physiology, reproductive physiology,